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Your best is yet to come. I can help you get strong and flexible.

Fun and informative classes of Hatha yoga, Recuperative yoga, and Core Conditioning perfect for beginners as well as seasoned yogis. Come enjoy classes with an instructor who has extensive knowledge gained from years of experience in resolution of issues and enhancement of physical abilities. Reach your peak performance through personalized training sessions that focus on creating balanced strength.

welcome to Jbyrd Yoga
relaxing in yoga
group yoga class
recuperative yoga class
yoga mats, straps and blocks
fitness assessment
core strength training
nutrition coaching
welcome to jbyrd yoga
We can work together
to help you reach your goals.
private instruction

Private Instruction

Let me personalize the yoga experience for you with private classes.

solutions for pain

for Pain

Resolve painful issues with a personalized plan.


fitness assessment

Fitness Assessment

Discover your strengths and address your weaknesses.


nutritional coaching

Nutritional Coaching

Get your nutritional life under your control.

Jbyrd Yoga Group Classes

beginning yoga class


Perfect for those just getting started.



intermediate yoga class


Continue to learn in an intermediate class.



workout with julie class

Workouts with

Get stronger than ever.



core conditioning class


Have fun getting strong.



Tai chi and Chi kung class

Tai Chi and
Chi Kung

Learn a moving meditation.



recuperative yoga class

Recuperative Yoga

Reduce your stress, enhance your movements, balance your joints and recover with gentle and effective yoga.

meditation class


Develop your inner view.

welcome to jbyrd yoga

Check out these yoga videos as Julie leads you through some helpful routines

Upcoming Seminars with Julie

Saturday's 1 - 2pm
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Balance Your Body Yoga Training

Would You Like to Take Your Yoga Further?

Whether you are seeking to enhance your own development or feel the call to share your knowledge of yoga with others by becoming a yoga instructor, Balance Your Body Yoga seminars, training classes and yoga intensives can offer you a pathway to your goals. We have classes and seminars every month on a variety of interesting subjects. Check out what is going on at BYB Yoga today.

Jbyrd Yoga Journal

Check out the Jbyrd Yoga Journal to find many different topics on yoga, health and nutrition as well as yoga product reviews. Check out Ask the Yogi and if the information you are seeking is not found there, send me an email and I will write an article just for you.

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