Current Events – Amy Garratt’s Recovery

If you know me then quite possibly you know my good friend and business partner Amy Garratt. Together we run the yoga teacher’s training school Balance Your Body Yoga (
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This last Saturday (July 30th) Amy was involved in a mishap involving her bike, a curb and the undeniable force of gravity. She came out on the losing end in a big way and suffered a hip fracture. Currently Amy is in the hospital awaiting surgery to stabilize her hip before she begins what will be a long road to recovery.

To assist Amy in this journey back to health I have set up a Go Fund Me page asking for donations to assist her in what will be some pretty steep medical costs in spite of her having insurance. There are deductibles, co-pays and uncovered procedures to come which will be a financial hurdle for her to get past. All that plus the negative effect not being able to work has on one’s income.

Most of you reading this have probably experienced a yoga class and know that doing yoga can be physically challenging, even at a gentle level. Being a yoga instructor can involve being physically active at a level that far exceeds taking a yoga class. Multiply that by several classes a day and the problem Amy is faced with in returning to work begins to take shape.

I have no doubt that Amy will recover well and recover quickly, yet it will be weeks to months before she is back to even a portion of the physical activity she was able to create up until the law of gravity brought her to a stop. If you feel so inclined, please check out the Go Fund Me page and make a donation. Even small donations make a big impact when a community comes together.

I will keep you posted on her continued improvement and as well share with you some tips on creating an optimally strong and flexible hip.

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