Yoga Joes

Yoga JoesSometimes things just appeal to us and this was the case with Yoga Joes. I stumbled upon this Kickstarter campaign by accident when I ran across some wonderful yoga mats made by the Brogamats company. Dan Abramson, the founder of Brogamats has created several popular yoga products for men, including the Burrito mat bag I featured in a recent post.

Dan wanted to create the Yoga Joes as a way to involve children, men and military veterans in yoga. He says while he was developing these action figures a lot of people told him it was a silly idea and no one would want them. He even got quite a bit of nay saying from the Kickstarter forums where people told him his goal of $40,000 was too high and he would never get funded.

Dan proved them all wrong. Not only has his Kickstarter campaign reached its funding, it is going beyond its minimum goal and this will be allowing him to create some stretch goals. You should take a look at this creative campaign and see what Dan has in mind. Best of all, the campaign will not end until October 10th, so you can still be a part of this if you, like me think this idea has merit.

yoga joes

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