5 Unusual Yoga Gifts

Here it is, Black Friday and you might be thinking about yoga themed gifts for all the yoga people in your life. Yet you don’t want to get something generic or common. What you are looking for is an unusual yoga gift. Here are a few that your yogi friend probably has never seen before.

Unique Yoga Gifts

yoga pose cookie cutterThis yoga tree pose cookie cutter can turn those high sugar and calorie laden cookies into healthy food… or at least that is what I want this to do. What it really does is turns those cookies into conversation pieces. It lets everyone know that in spite of this momentary lapse in cookieness, this is a household where we do healthy things. Even our cookies have to do yoga poses. We are totally healthy even if these cookies are covered in sprinkles.

yoga bottle cap necklacesThese yoga Bottlecap Necklaces combine the beauty of yoga with the functional beauty of bottle caps. Yet again we have the juxtaposition of something healthy (yoga) with something less healthy (practically anything that comes in something covered with a bottle cap). Not only that but there are three of these, so your giftee can decide which contrasting health/sugar drink image goes best with their day. Or perhaps you can give these to three friends and triple the good cheer.

bunny yoga mugThis CafePress Bunny yoga mug will not only hold their favorite hot beverage but it also has bunnies. Not just any bunnies, but bunnies doing yoga poses. How cute is that. This will work great for that bunny loving friend. Quite frankly it will work great with just about anyone because who doesn’t love cute little bunnies. Okay, maybe not that one friend but maybe they like horses.

horse yogaIt’s a Horse Yoga calendar. Having run the dogs doing yoga and cats doing yoga into the mat, now they have a calendar of horses doing yoga. Rest assured that no horses were annoyed with strenuous yoga poses. Like the other calenders of this theme they take liberties with ‘digital manipulation’ to get those horsies into the poses.

namaste iphone caseLast but not least is this Yoga Namaste iPhone bamboo case. The case is laser engraved with the image and fits the 5 and 5s phones. This will allow your friend to show the world that when they are not totally glued to their phone they also do yoga. Who knows, perhaps using this on the phone will provide the same benefits as a yoga pose or at least make them feel a little guilty that they are not doing a yoga pose.

If none of these work for you then check out the great yoga gift ideas at Amazon. There are no Black Friday crowds when you shop online.

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