DIY – Recycled Material Yoga Block

Making your own yoga block is fun and easy. This guide uses recycled materials and offers you a quick way to build your block and express your creativity.

You can watch the video here, or drop down for written instructions.

How to Make a Recycled Materials Yoga Block

– Cardboard box about 9 x 4 x 7 inches
– Scrap recycle material such as newspaper, foam or cardboard
– Duct tape

–Step one– First of all, you will want to locate some empty cardboard boxes. For this tutorial you will want a small box that is about 4 inches wide at its narrowest point. Most yoga blocks are around 9 inches by 7 inches by 4 inches. Your block can be a little bigger than this, but to be the best prop for your yoga, you don’t want to be too much bigger or too much smaller than this.

cardboard boxes

–Step two– Fill your box with recycled material. This can be foam pieces, newspaper, other cardboard, etc. You are wanting lightweight material and enough to completely fill your box yet still be able to firmly close the top.

–Step three– Once your box is filled and the sides will not compress, then carefully duct tape the top of the box making sure the ends all meet and your maintain the rectangular shape.

duct tape

–Step four– Begin applying duct tape around the box in a 90 degree angle to the top of the box. Make sure you avoid overlapping edges and avoid wrinkles. Once you have the body of the box taped, duct tape around the narrowest edge. You will be covering over previously taped areas in a different direction. Finally tape around the longest length of the box.

–Step five– If you like, use different colored duct tape to add color or designs to your block.

Box yoga block

That’s all there is to it. Now you have an attractive and functional block – totally unique and made from recycled materials.

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  • August 23, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    I’m going to try this! I like the idea. Might cover it with a nice fabric as well. Thanks!

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