Foot of Clay

I wrote a couple of posts already about my foot injury (5th metatarsal fracture), but since I am not over it all yet, I am fully prepared to whine about it some more.

Life gives us opportunities.

This is part a series of articles I have written in my adventure of living with a broken foot. They are in order:

shoePart 1: The Shoe is on the Other Foot
Toe sock toes_jbyrdyogaPart 2: Two is Better than One
Left foot statue Part 3: Foot of Clay
parrot piratePart 4: I walk… like a pirate

The two newest ones are part 3 and 4. Please check them out. I have done my best to make them worth your while.

Fear not, those of you who are already eyes glazing over bored about my personal life. I will soon be writing some hard edged science of the skeletal anatomy of a human foot and for those of you who have found this due to searches from a desire to solve your own personal foot issue, soon to come will be more reviews of various helpful items and various strategies on speeding healing.

If you would prefer to look at cute dog pictures because after all, who doesn’t, click here.

If none of these choices appeal to you, well my goodness aren’t you a trooper for continuing to read this far. Thanks for reading and I hope you avail yourself to some of my other posts.

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  • October 28, 2017 at 11:12 am

    Greetingѕ! Very usеful advice within this post!

    It’s the little chɑnges that make the largeѕt changes. Thankѕ a
    lot for sharing!

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