Growing a Container Herb Garden

What a wonderful time we had together Saturday March 16th in the container herb garden workshop. Over a dozen of us got together and learned how to create our own container based herb gardens.

Gardening with herbs can be easy and rewarding and best of all, you can eat what you grow.

There is nothing better than fresh herbs from your garden. They are useful for cooking, they smell heavenly and they look so beautiful. Many of us think that having such a garden will require a tons of work. Some have tried such gardens before, only to be defeated by weather and bugs.

The good news is that anyone with an area that has a few hours of sunlight and a couple of minutes each week will have what they need to grow an attractive and useful kitchen herb garden.

4 Basic Steps to Success in Container Herb Gardening

  1. Choose the right container. You will want a container that is large enough and deep enough for the plant you intend to grow. More about the best containers for your herbs.
  2. Get the right soil and nutrients. Organic is the way to go since we will want to be eating these plants. Learn how to select the right soil and nutrients.
  3. Provide the right light and water. Each herb has specific conditions that will allow it to thrive. Most herbs can do well in a variety of conditions but some will wither unless we get the light and water just right. Learn more about your herb plant light and water needs.
  4. Pay attention to your plants. Basic herb care includes trimming your plants, and keeping insects off of them with organic means. More about organic herb care basics.

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