Mat Bag – Hungry for Yoga?

Sometimes you are just hungry for yoga. Sometimes you would like to feast your eyes on your yoga mat and just devour your workout. If you feel like this then you might just be ready for this yoga mat bag.

burrito yoga bag

burrito yoga bag openOkay, this is really a thing. The Burrito Yoga Bag made by the company Brogamats in the USA is 100% cotton and has all the things we want in a basic yoga mat bag. You have an interior pocket for your keys or phone and probably enough storage space for a burrito as well.

quiver of arrows yoga bag
Now if you are not particularly hungry, but instead harbor dreams of becoming a skilled archer, then this quiver of arrows mat bag might appeal more to you.

log yoga bag
But maybe you are just an outdoorsy type, a rugged individual more at home on a mountainside than inside a yoga studio. This log mat bag will help you express that natural side while protecting your mat from the elements.

Yoga Joes
The company Brogamats indeed is offering another option for those who are seeking perhaps some great gifts and you can be a part of their kickstarter for these Yoga Joes: classic green army men doing peaceful yoga poses. Designed with a desire to inspire children, men, and military veterans to try yoga. I hope they make their campaign because I really want these green yoga dudes.

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