Mina Wear

One of the nice things about attending a yoga conference is getting to meet some amazing people. That is where I met a wonderful vendor of some really great yoga clothing – Mina Hegaard. She is the founder of Minawear that currently operates in Victoria Texas.

Mina Hegaard
Mina and her wonderful yoga pants
I have written about her yoga pants before in this post, but I wanted to give a shout out about her again since I have just received an order of her latest hemp blend capri length. I purchased one pair of these back in February and practically lived in them around the house the entire rest of the year. I figured since they were so comfortable to lounge around in they would also make great yoga pants come summer time.

Well here it is summer and Yes! – my pre-order of her newest selection of colors has arrived. You will no doubt be seeing me around the yoga studio in them – and yes – I will look exceptionally comfortable.

Here is what Mina herself has to say about her choice in the materials used in her designs:

“As a clothing designer here in TX, my main material is hemp and organic cotton. The reason I work with hemp and organic cotton, is that I believe that our environment is in grave danger of becoming severely imbalanced by the overuse of chemicals which affects humans on many levels whether it be a rise in illnesses, water contaminations, or air pollutants. Hemp is grown with out the use of harmful chemicals, and that is profitable to farmers as well as beneficial to all of our health.”

You can check out her clothes at her website Minawear.com and you can also find her capri pants online at Amazon as well.

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