Improving Your Health: Your Better Eating Plan

Making a change in the way we eat is a difficult task but does not need to be unpleasant. The first goal is to adapt the current way you eat to something similar but more nutritious. It is also important to learn how to eat at the right times and the right amount for our body health. There is no single way of eating that is the ‘perfect’ plan for everyone, but rather many different ways of eating depending on our goals and health needs. The following plan is great to help establish a regular eating plan that can help with blood sugar issues, low energy and weight loss.

I will share with you the details of this plan throughout the next few posts. You will find this eating plan has plenty of things you might have eaten before, but also suggests changes that might take a little getting used to. It is normal for things to feel a little awkward for about 1 or two weeks but then this will become an easy habit to keep.

Meal_time_calorie goal

At first, eating like this might seem to be very different from your current eating plan. What makes this work is that it creates a very steady pattern for your blood sugar which will help with moods, food cravings and stress. It will take a bit of pre-work to make sure you have all the foods you would need to make this plan a success. Try it for a couple of weeks and you will like the results.

Getting Away from Sugary Snacks

If you have a habit of eating frequent sugary snacks then your sweet tooth may be interfering in your health. If you are eating a candy bar a day or having a soda a day then you are probably getting over 40 grams of sugar a day with just those two things. Diets that consistently have sugar levels above 40 grams per day are those that can lead to endocrine problems like diabetes. The best way to kick the sugar habit is to replace it with a better bad choice, which is fruit. Any time you feel the urge to have some sugary snack or soda, have a serving of fruit instead. Some fruits are also high in sugar, but at least they have some nutritional benefits which are totally lacking in candy bars and sodas.

Fruit: The Better Bad Choice

All fruit is good when you are first kicking a sugar habit, but eventually you will want to concentrate on eating lower sugar fruits. Your best fruit choices are those with the lowest carbs and highest fiber per serving. Here are some examples of different fruits below:

fruit choices

It is okay to have fruits that are not on this list, but avoid having fruits served in syrup. For more about good reasons to select berries as our fruit, check out the Battle of the Berries: Which Berry is the Best?

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