Keeping Food Fresh – Abeego Food Wraps

As it often happens to me, a simple question led to an interesting discovery far different than the original question. My initial question was this: Is nylon fabric food safe? That answer turned out to be: it depends… and I plan on going in to that some time in the future. In searching for that answer though I came across references to oil cloth and one remark about something called Abeego. This Abeego thing got mentioned several times in one forum that was discussing oil cloth and it seemed everyone talking about it knew it well and really thought highly of it.

abeego food wrapsI had to know, and this search let me to Abeego – which turns out to me a very well crafted replacement for plastic food wraps. Plastic as you might have heard is a very unwelcome substance when it comes to our food. Plastic can leach very harmful toxins that mimic estrogen and are implicated in disrupting our endocrine system. Some of the most villainous plastic is the softer stuff used for things like plastic wrap. I have long ago begun to avoid plastic wrap in connection to food items and treat it as if it were the equivalent of lead. No, no you soft plastic stuff – no getting your estrogen molecules on my food. Yet, even though I curse it, I also miss it because let’s face it, plastic wrap is very handy stuff. What else can you use to wrap the top of a dish so the refrigerator cooties don’t get on that tasty food. What else do you put around that half of an avocado you just sliced? What about that brick of cheese you want to keep pristine? Sure, the replacements of aluminum foil, PVC free baggies and refrigerator dishes can serve, but they, for various reasons are a poor substitute.

This is about to change for me now that I have discovered Abeego food wraps. These wraps are made from natural ingredients: hemp, certified organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. They are naturally anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and the material breathes which helps to keep food fresh. The cloths are flexible at room temperature and in the refrigerator they become firm, taking on their folded shapes. These cloths can be used in all the ways we might use plastic wrap such as wrapping the food directly or covering a dish. Once used the cloths can be washed in the sink with soap and water, allowed to dry and they are good to go again.

Now my own Abeego are on their way to me, so this is just the first part of my story about them as I plan on taking some pictures and letting you know about my full review when I have had a chance to check them out. Right now I am in that excited – I just ordered something I am really hyped about phase. I will let you know the reality when it happens. Right now I am enjoying basking in the glow of glorious anticipation. Stay tuned for the rest of this story coming up in a couple of weeks.

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