Mat Review Spotlight: Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

I have had many mats and consider myself a hard sell when it comes to yoga products. Usually I am somewhat skeptical as to how a device will make a big difference in my yoga. I was pleasantly surprised to find my
Jade Fusion Yoga Mat lived up to its hype.

Why would you want a Jade Fusion Yoga Mat?

  • You want natural rubber, no synthetics.
  • You need more cushion under your hands and knees.
  • You need a mat that can reduce impact from jumping forms of yoga.

Natural Rubber is a renewable resource

A natural rubber mat starts its life in a rubber tree plantation.
The tree resin is tapped much in the same way maple syrup is collected.

Jade Fusion Mat 74″x 24″ x 8mm

My selection of natural rubber was to reduce my contact with endocrine disruptors found in plastics. As a yoga instructor I spend a lot of time standing barefoot and placing my hands, knees and even my face against mat material. Molecules have a disturbing way of traveling through our pores. I wanted to make sure that I was not getting any unhealthy plastic molecules from my mat so I began to seek out natural mat materials. I was also seeking a thick mat to protect my knees.

I found all of this and more in this mat. Read more

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