4 More Great Gifts Ideas

Well, it’s coming down to the wire if you are looking for a yoga themed Christmas gift. If you would like to skip the whole delivery/mailing/gift wrapping then you might want to consider these ‘non-tactile’ gifts. Of course I am talking about gift certificates and electronically delivered gifts. These can be great because they are one size fits all and you don’t even have to put a bow on them.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

amazon gift cardIf you are really stumped as to what to get someone then a gift card can be just the thing. Better yet, an email delivered gift card can be even better. The Amazon gift card is a great idea because they can get practically anything. I do a lot of my shopping this way and I especially appreciate the customer reviews. Even when I don’t purchase things online I always try to find them on Amazon just to check out the reviews. It has saved me from getting lousy merchandise and has also tipped me off to items that really suited me.

whole foods gift cardDoes the giftee appreciate healthy food? A Whole Foods gift card (email delivered is also an option) can get them some of those awesome snacks and goodies. Who knows they might share them with you.

adagio teasMany yogis are also tea drinkers. The Adagio Teas gift card would let them select from a fine assortment of quality tea. No having to guess what types they like.

Jbyrdyoga_gift_certDo they want to do more yoga? Do they want to do more yoga with me? Well, you are so in luck because I have gift certificates as well. And even better I am running a holiday special with discounts on all online purchases. These discounts apply to group classes, private classes and fitness assessment sessions.

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