Another Ready to Drink Protein

core power protien drinkAs I said in my other post, if I found another ready to drink protein that met my criteria (no artificial sugars) I would mention it – and here we are.

Core Power Natural High-Protein Milk Shake, has several different flavors: Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate Lite, Strawberry Lite and Vanilla. They are made with fresh, lactose-free milk and the regular flavors have 26g of naturally concentrated whey and casein proteins along with 28 grams of carb – 26 of those grams as sugar. Yikes!

ingredients list for chocolate lite version
Chocolate Lite ingredients list
The good news is that you don’t have to settle for those sugar grams. The Chocolate Lite and the Strawberry Lite versions have 20 grams of protein and just 13 carbs, 11 of that being sugar. The rest of its sweetness is brought to you by Stevia instead of some artificial sugar.

So another choice when you are on the go and need a boost to your protein. This would work great as a pre or post workout drink. It gets lots of great reviews on Amazon.

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