Do New Year’s Resolutions Really Work?

Seashore_ZenWe probably think about them even if we don’t make them. New Year’s resolutions. We make a list, even if it is only a mental one and rattle off those things we want to change. Those things we need to change, perhaps even those things we better change or else…

Armed with our list we head off into the new year with bright ambition, but are there any that we actually see through? We might have the best of intentions while we make the resolution and we might even practice this ‘new way of being’ for a few weeks. Eventually though our old patterns re-emerge and we end up back where we started, only now we feel more guilty about it – and frustrated, which is a great recipe for drowning our sorrows in whatever behavior we were attempting to change.

Making a List Does Not Equal Change

Just because we know what we want to change does not mean we know how to make that change. What we are really seeking with that list is a new pattern of behavior. What we really want is real, lasting change. Yet, lasting change does not happen by focusing on an outcome, it starts by making small changes in our daily habits and by changing our perspective.

Set Yourself Up for Success

First of all, let’s get rid of the list and just focus on what we need to have an optimal life. What kind of actions can we put into practice right now. It is those small changes that will snowball into greater things. It is the simplest actions that eventually create the most amazing transformations. Just shift your behavior the slightest fraction and in time you will be traveling in a completely different direction.

I Can Help

Coaching is one of the things I offer that provides an incredible support for those who are seeking change. Whether it is creating better health, more energy, better eating, weight loss, strength gain, or a host of other goals, I can help you create a plan and a mindset that will help you achieve, not just your goals, but a more optimal way of being. Check out some of my new classes at Jbyrd Yoga or contact me for a private consultation (email: Together we can make this year the best ever.

All the Best to you – and Happy New Year,
Julie Byrd

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