How to dress a female yogi for hot weather

Dressing the female yogi for hot weather It’s that time of year again when the blissful coolness of spring has begun to give way to the heat and humidity of summer. You are probably wondering what is the best way to dress a female yogi for such hot weather. Well, the answer is surprisingly easy as long as you know a few things in advance.

What type of female yogi is she?

  • Type 1: She wants to stay cool and comfortable but also covered – especially that unfortunate chicken wing area of the upper arms – and let’s not talk about the thighs…
  • Type 2: She wants to be cool and comfortable…
  • Type 3: “Oh my God, it is too HOT!”
  • Type 4: She totally accepts her body as it is…

Once we established these important facts, them we can set about choosing what to wear. Read full article

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