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Some of you saw that on Saturday I wore a new set of very colorful leggings. What many did not know is that I designed those leggings myself. They are among a collection of designs I have recently created and I am over the moon about them all.

For many who do yoga, finding the right yoga pants is a search and a half. We are looking for the right fit, the right price and ultimately the right look. Too many times I have come up against finding the first two of the requirements but missing out on the ‘look’. Not anymore – I have been set free and can finally get my artwork on the leggings.

Introducing the Jbyrd Yoga leggings debut:

To answer your questions:

What are these made of?
Polyester and spandex, which means they are very stretchy.

How do they fit?
There is a reason that leggings are sometimes called tights. They fit tight. The fit is reminiscent of thick pantyhose. I am not saying this to try and put you off the fit of these, but if you are used to relaxed fit yoga pants these are going to feel tight. They are tight, but they do not bind at all and the fabric stretches wonderfully. They also do not bunch up in the ‘groinal region’ and do not offer a detailed display of personal ‘groinal parts’ – thank God. If you want a more loose fit then definitely order a size up.

My tryout with these was the Saturday yoga classes. They stretched every way I did and were not too hot (this being our oppressive summer and all). I chose to wear these full length leggings as capri by scooting the ankle portion to just below my knee and folding them down. I was initially hesitant because I worried this would cut off all circulation to my feet -but no – it was actually very comfortable. As I pointed out, the fabric stretches amazingly well.

How is the waist band?
I am happy to report the waist on these leggings is wide, comfortable, and actually reached my waist. Too long have I suffered under the oppression of the low waist line yoga pants that fail to cover the area from hip bone to navel – or as I like to call it the dreaded soft, squishy zone. Nobody needs to wear form fitting clothes only to have the clothing end where our form is not as ‘fit’.

These leggings have a wide waist band that is very comfortable and comes up to just below my navel. If you want to wear them folded over the band will easily fold down. Printing on the leggings does not extend to the interior of the waistband, but the inside portion is white which should do fine with the look.

How much do they cost?
$39 – plus shipping – but sometimes shipping is free and sometimes the company has great extra percentage off deals. I will keep you posted on when those deals come. The price on these was one of the big selling points for choosing this company to make my leggings. Leggings of this quality and materials sell for double or more this price at yoga clothing sites.

Can I buy them from you directly?
Nope. These are made to order from the company Society 6. What makes this great is that they will never run out of an item and will always have it in your size. The links I provide below will take you to each legging where you can purchase using your credit card, Paypal or even Amazon.

Here are 10 of the legging designs I currently have created.


These abstract multicolored leggings were inspired by flowers in my garden.
To check out more views or to order click here.


Mandala Party
Multiple mandalas give these leggings their unique look. It’s not just a party, it’s a mandala party. To see more or order click here.


Seawall Waves
If you have been to the seawall when there is a storm in the gulf you might see a pattern of waves reflected in my illustration. As leggings they offer a beautiful blue and aqua colored pattern.To see more or order click here.


Mandala 2
This large mandala pattern has light blue, black and pink colors. To see more or order click here.


A multi-colored stripe pattern of various shades of color. To see more or order click here.


Blues Cues
Blues fade into greens in this multi-hued leggings. To see more or order click here.


Graphically Black
This bold graphic pattern creates twists and turns at every corner. If you get bored in class you could also us these as a maze game. To see more or order click here.


Calico Cat
Sunny was a lovely calico cat that graced my life for 13 years after she came to me as an 8 year old. These leggings reflect her beautiful multicolored coat and may just give the wearer a slightly bossy attitude – just like dear old Sunny. To see more or order click here.


Abstract Tigress
I was looking at tigers when I thought of this pattern. To see more views or order click here.


Graphically Purple
A purple themed graphic pattern for those who need more purple in their lives. To see more views or order click here.


Don’t see anything you like? There are many more in my store and I add designs frequently. Check out my entire collection here:
Abstract Design Leggings
Nature Design Leggings
Illustrated Leggings
Mandala Design Leggings

If you would like me to make something in a color combination or design that I don’t have listed – just let me know. I take special orders for no charge.

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