Mat Review Spotlight: Hugger Mugger Original Tapas

There is nothing like an original and the Hugger Mugger Tapas really was the first yoga mat. I first purchased these mats in large rolls and cut them apart for student mats. That was way back in the day before yoga mats became something you could buy in a grocery store.


Why would you want a Hugger Mugger Original Tapas Yoga Mat?

  • You want a basic yoga mat.
  • You want a mat that lasts and lasts.
  • You want to connect to the history of yoga mats.

This was the first mat made specifically for yoga

Times change. When I first began to do yoga they did not make ‘yoga’ mats. You can read all about the trials an tribulations of that era in my post, Mat-titudes. Thankfully those days have passed and you can find yoga mats everywhere. Yet the first actual yoga mat was this Hugger Mugger Tapas.

I used to purchase 100 foot rolls of these mats and cut them apart with scissors so I could have yoga mats for my students. I still have a few of those mats in my studio today because they are durable. They still make them the same way today. Read More

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