Toe Socks update

Toe sock toes_jbyrdyogaI am not sure who came up with the fingerless glove first. Perhaps it was someone who due to an unfortunate glove incident lost the finger tips of their gloves only to discover how great it was to be able to touch things with their bare fingers while at the same time still having warm hands. Maybe it was the other way around, with someone having to use bare fingers and then cutting all the fingers out of their gloves so their hands would not freeze. Regardless of the origin, we accept fingerless gloves as a necessary and useful product.

Not so with my initial reaction to the toe-less toe socks. I thought that this was just some sort of marketing gimmick and could not possibly serve any useful purpose. What would be the point of having toe socks with bare toes.

It turns out that toe-less toe socks are quite a nice thing indeed.

toesox bellaSince my previous post on toe socks I have had a chance to really get to know my ToeSox Bella Half Toe socks and I like them so much I am going to get another pair. My previous venture into toe sock land was always limited to wearing as a fashion statement but never considering such a sock of any benefit to my yoga practice. My biggest complaint against toe socks is that toes are not a one size fits all kind of thing. Either the toe area of the sock was too big or it was too little. There was also the problem with my feet slipping. Not only would the sock slip on the floor, but my foot would slip inside the sock.

These problems are not evident with my Bella ToeSox. This toe-less version has solved the ‘doesn’t fit my toes’ dilemma by virtue of not covering the toe. It solves the slip on the floor dilemma by having little grippy dots. It solves the foot slipping in the sock dilemma by its design. My foot stays put and I can do yoga poses in them with very little issue. I actually forget I have them on except I have noticeably greater traction on my studios wooden floors.

toesox knee highThus I was looking to get another pair and indeed they have some lovely color combinations. While looking at this I also noticed there was a knee high version of this sock as well. The ToeSox Scrunch Half Toe Knee High Socks come in some vibrant colors and look like they would do a good job keeping my ankles warm this winter.

I plan on updating my sock wardrobe with these soon and I will let you know if they like the Bella version are going to continue to redefine toe socks for me.

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