Partners in Yoga

partners in yoga It is only natural that since we love yoga so much we want to share it with those we love.  Having our significant other in class with us can be both a joy and a struggle.  I have witnessed couples enjoying a great time in class together.  For many couples, a yoga class becomes a great way to share one of life’s better experiences.  I have also witnessed some less than pleasant situations.  Typically one person will start the yoga class first and may have attended for months before convincing their partner to give it a try.  Below are a couple of scenarios that detail a couple of ways to introduce your partner to yoga.

How to have a great time with your ‘new to yoga’ significant other in a yoga class

  • Choose a class that both of you will feel comfortable attending.  If your partner has never done yoga then choose a beginning level class instead of an advanced style.
  • Arrive a couple of minutes early so you both can settle in and get your mats set up with plenty of time.
  • Choose a spot near the back so your partner will not feel on display.  This will also allow you to answer your partner’s questions without disrupting the class.
  • Introduce your partner to the yoga instructor before the class begins.  That way if they have any questions or if they need to let the instructor know of physical issues everyone can be prepared.
  • Introduce your partner to people you know in class.
  • Go easy on the advice once class begins.  If you can offer some insight by having your partner mimic what you are doing or help them figure out a tricky position then by all means help, but avoid being nit-picky about things that won’t cause harm.
  • Relax and have fun.

How to have a horrible time with your ‘new to yoga’ significant other in a yoga class

  • Choose the advanced class you like to attend and tell your partner that everyone struggles at first.
  • Arrive late and make sure you are overheard blaming your partner for making you late.
  • Choose a spot up front if you can.  Make sure your partner’s mat is right next to yours so you can keep an eye on them.
  • Correct every thing your partner does.  Be bossy.  Use the word no a lot.  Get impatient.
  • Roll your eyes at the other people in class and say things like “Beginners just have no body awareness!”
  • Show off your yoga skills every chance you get.  Don’t let your partner do basic things.  Insist they do the hardest poses then laugh when they fail.
  • After class talk to your yoga friends but don’t introduce your partner.  If they notice your partner be sure to point out how your partner has never done yoga before and had a really hard time today.

I wish I could say that the horrible list was something I made up, but each one of those items is something I have witnessed before.  I can also say that the things on the great time list are things that I see routinely.  You can easily guess which list will get a newcomer to like yoga more and want to come back.


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