T Shirts for those hot summer days

big fishWell apparently we are going to have the typical summer again where the days get hot and humid. It always seems such a shock when we go from having basically reasonable weather to what we are currently having which is not very reasonable at all. With this in mind I thought I would share some of the T shirt designs I have been happily creating.

Some of you have seen the legging designs I posted about and I have added even more since that post. Yet, leggings are not for everyone and full length leggings are not what we reach for when the thermostat climbs towards 100. T shirts can be a welcome addition to our workout wardrobe and being that it is so very hot we end up washing those shirts until they get threadbare – time to restock.

I have been having such fun with my artwork and getting to try out the designs on various items ranging from leggings to shower curtains. It has been a blast seeing how something that started out as just an idea has taken shape as a physical item. While I started with one company, I soon discovered several other companies that will make items from my designs. I have been comparing and contrasting who seems to make the best whatever and have found some favorites which I will share with you.

5 Basic T Shirts

The basic T shirt comes in a unisex style that differs for men and women only in size, but it also has a fitted style for women. What I found in the design process was that some companies offered a larger sized image on the shirt. This really interested me for some designs because in regards to some of my images, bigger is better. Here are 5 that I think look really great:

Big Fish

This great big fish image reminds me of my childhood summers when we would head out to the lake. All around the boat docks you could see these large sunfish swimming and darting. You can find the big fish shirt here.


One of my full time distractions as a kid was drawing horses. It was 100% horses all the time. When I was older I was fascinated with Japanese styled ink drawings and would try for hours to capture an image in just a few strokes of a brush. This image is a fusion of those past obsessions as it melds the simple ink drawing to the image of a horse. You can find the horse shirt here.

Cherry Blossoms

There is nothing that reminds me of spring – and cooler weather – better than cherry blossoms. This is in spite of the fact I have observed very few cherry trees in actual bloom. Someday I hope to take a trip when these blossoms are at their peak so I can watch them shower down like snow. Until then I will just be satisfied with those wonderful and delicious cherries as well as with this shirt. You can find the cherry blossoms shirt here.


School may be out for summer but it is never out for fish. These guys are an interpretation of some amazing fish found in coral reefs. Long ago I got to observe some like these in their natural habitat of a coral reef where they darted about in unison. I was so busy snorkeling along with them that when I came up I was much further from the boat than I wanted to be. Those tricky little fish nearly made me swim off with them but here I have captured them for us to see on this Tee. You can find the school shirt here.

Border Collie Blue

This is the image that I get to see every single morning for the last six years after adopting my sweet and energetic Border Collie. I used to be a ‘non-morning’ person, but she fixed that. There is no doubt in her mind that every morning is the best morning ever and she is so happy, happy, happy to share this news with me. Hopefully wearing this shirt will give you some of that get up and go. You can find the border collie blue shirt here.

All Over Print Shirts

These shirts have the design over the entire shirt, both front and back which works very well for some of my images:

School All Over Print

This image works well as an all over print and even better gives the sense of a large school of fish. You can find the school shirt here.

Purple Mandala Party

This one is bright and purple and filled with images of mandalas. It is not just a mandala shirt, it is a mandala party. You can find the mandala shirt here.

Big Fish All Over Print

I redesigned this shirt to give it many of the big fish. You can find the big fish shirt here.

Cherry Blossoms All Over Print

I really like the effect that this all over print gives to this shirt. You can find this cherry blossoms shirt here.

Chiffon Top

Bees Knees

For some, the basic T shirt just does not appeal and I found these chiffon tops offer a more loose and relaxed fit in a very light weight fabric. This lovely carpenter bee was happy to pose on the bright fuschia flower and is now immortalized on this shirt. You can find the bees knees top here.

Contrast Tank

Border Collie Boho

This loose fitting tank top offers cool comfort in hot weather. It is graced with a colorful rendering of the Border Collie in residence. She is sitting down for this one. You can find the border collie tank here.

Relaxed Fit T Shirt

Basic Cat

This relaxed fit T shirt may work best for those wanting something casual but dressier than a plain T shirt. This one is for all the cat lovers out there which of course I am one. This I call the ‘basic’ cat because it is basically the shape all of my cats are in, somewhat pudgy around the middle, orange and with mouths open, either meowing or asking for food (see pudgy). You can find this basic cat shirt here.

A Line Dress

Cherry Blossoms

I do not wear that many dresses since it seems I am always in yoga gear or gardening clothes, but this caught my eye since it looks so cool and comfortable. The all over print image of the cherry blossoms look fabulous on this. You can find the cherry blossoms dress here.

There are many more shirts as well as designs, so if you want to check out more then take a look here:

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