Toe Socks for Yoga

I guess the question must be asked.  Do we really need these ‘gloves for our feet’? The answer I am sure lies somewhere between ‘not on my feet’ and ‘I’m wearing them right now!’.

There are quite a few choices out there when it comes to toe socks. I can remember my first encounter with them as a child. What a novelty they were. They were knee high, striped and as I recall rather bulky in my shoes. Also they did not exactly fit my toes. Those long ago toe socks were fun, but rather impractical and not anything I would ever think of wearing for yoga.

Today there are quite a number of what I will call performance toe socks on the market. They come with gripper soles and other design features that make toe socks wearable for yoga. Or do they? Here is my take on the world of toe socks for yoga.

Pro Source full toe sockThis Pro Source full toe sock offers little grippy things on the bottom that will help keep your foot from sliding on the floor. There are several brands very similar to this with some having the grips on the toes and others without. Some even spell the brand name with the grips which I am sure is great for marketing but I question the value for footing. In my experience, even though the grippy things help the sock stay on the floor the foot will slide inside the sock when in yoga poses. They do come in sizes, but this one’s S/M fits women sizes 5 – 10 and if you think about the difference between a size 5 and a size 10 foot you will understand how the fit of these is not an exact science. They are cute, but you will take them off after the first downward dog.

ToeSox half toe These ToeSox half toe really cracked me up the first time I saw them. The fingerless glove effect is quite a novel thing. In other words a toe sock without toes. Okay, I get that the toe-less part will help you with the whole doing yoga with toe socks and certainly you don’t have to worry about the toe fit. I just question why one needs to wear these. If you are wearing the toe socks in order to keep your feet warm during yoga, having the toes naked might not be the best idea. If you are wearing the toe socks to keep your feet clean from the questionable floor, here again, the toe-less part defeats the purpose. If however you are seeking to look fabulous and attract attention to your toes – you have nailed it. You will however probably be taking these off during yoga because it turns out the part of your foot that needs the best grip is the ball of the foot. Even though these might fit a little better than the full toed ones, your foot will still likely slip inside of them especially if your feet get warmed up and sweat a little.

ToeSox Full Toe Bella Now these ToeSox Full Toe Bella are truly getting into performance toe sock area. They actually have a much more specific sizing from xx-small to x-large and fitting women’s feet from sizes 1 – 15 so you can probably get something closer to an exact fit. The design of the sock also seems to fit the foot better to hold the sock in place. I have not personally tried these yet, but I do know of someone who wears them throughout the yoga class so at least in one instance a person has done yoga in these style. Plus they are super cute.

ToeSox Half Toe Bella These ToeSox Half Toe Bella style do all of the same as the full toe style but push the cuteness amperage up a gazillion points. Let’s just say that if you really need to impress someone with your super cute feet and you also have the perfect pedicure to match you will definitely want to go with these. Heads will turn, gasps will be exclaimed and since you can actually do yoga in these socks your yogi credit will not be diminished. By all means, go for it. They come in three different colors so you will be able to accessorize them with your toe rings.

Unisex Patterned Toe Socks Now if it is attention you are after, these Unisex Patterned Toe Socks will do just fine. I personally do not own anything as fabulous as these yet but that is just because my order has not arrived. These smile pattern come in 6 colors and that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as this company is concerned. These also sell for under $10, but that price fluctuates depending on the style. I plan on adding these to my own awesome sock collection and wearing them to the yoga class, but I also will be removing these bad boys when it comes time to do actual yoga. I fully admit these are style over substance but gosh what style.

Foot Alignment Socks Now as far as substance, these Foot Alignment Socks seem to ‘foot’ the bill. They are touted as reducing the discomfort of bunions, hammertoes, plantar-fasciatis and more. I am not sure as to their effectiveness but the toe part looks soft and fluffy. If you think that having your toes separated will add comfort to your life then these would do the job splendidly. You could also use these to keep your feet warm during a toe manicure. They do not have grippy things on the bottom, so they would be useless during yoga. I also think they would interfere with wearing shoes. These white ones fit 6 – 10 and are listed for less than $5. A comfy bargain.

SmartToe stretcher Speaking of toes, this SmartToe Stretcher and Straightener is not a toe sock but is a toe helper. If you have a bunion, hammertoes or other reasons your toes don’t line up, using this device can gradually reduce the pressure created by crooked toes. It is not a miracle worker, but it does help when used as instructed. Your best bet would be to use this along with foot and toe exercises to help remodel your feet. By the way, in case you were confused – No – these are not recommended for wearing during yoga.

So, there you have it. My take on the world of performance toe socks and other toe paraphernalia. Keep in mind that if you plan on wearing your toe socks during yoga that fit is of the utmost importance in a performance sock. Too loose and you will slip inside your socks. Too tight and your toesies will feel distress. Also, if you absolutely need people to pay attention to your feet – think toe socks. See you on the mat.

2 thoughts on “Toe Socks for Yoga

  • July 28, 2017 at 5:13 am

    These are excellent toe socks and also the to stretcher. I’ve been doing this stretch every day to help heal my neuroma. My question is how often should I be doing the stretch? Once a day? Several times a day? Thanks for your input.

    • July 29, 2017 at 7:09 am

      In regards to using a device to stretch your toes, these type of things work best when used daily. It is better to limit the amount of time to no more than 10 minutes to avoid irritating your feet. You can use them several times a day for short duration to enhance the effect.

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