Yoga Symbols and History

We are getting ready to teach an interesting yoga class that will share the history of yoga though its images and symbols. In researching this topic I found quite a few things that surprised me and discovered a wealth of information regarding aspects of yoga I didn’t already know.

Here is a snippet you may or may not already know:


carved wooden Om wall hanging
You may have heard this word chanted but don’t know what it means. This Sanskrit word is often the first thing and the last thing spoken in a yoga class. Many describe it as the ‘sound of the universe’ but it doesn’t have an exact definition. Overall, it is a sound that is chanted to unite the current yoga practitioner with the yogis of the past in a sound that validates oneness and harmony. It is a beautiful sound to hear and a beautiful symbol.

Come learn more about the images and symbols of yoga in our upcoming seminar “History of Yoga in Images” Saturday July 26, 2014. See you there.

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