6 Yoga Tank Tops

Tank tops are great for yoga because they allow a simple layering effect under Tshirts but also work well to keep you warm under hoodies and sweaters. They also absorb perspiration so you can look cool and comfortable even when you are sweating like a welder in a machine shop. They can be worn as an outer garment or worn as an under layer and you can choose colors to complement the other layers you wear. So in other words they are versatile.

Tank tops come in many different styles. Some work for wearing under things and some are designed for being the top garment however there are plenty that can work in both situations.

prana living womens phoebeThis is the prAna Living Women’s Phoebe Top. PrAna tanks are often very colorful which will serve you well if you want to wear them as your main top. They are close fitting so they also work as a layering beneath other tops. This one has wide straps and offers a built in shelf bra. It also has a longer back which helps keep it from riding up in yoga poses.

yoga clothing flowing tankThe Yoga Clothing Chakras Flowy Tank Top is more loose fitting and would work well over other tank tops or even a close fitting T shirt. It offers a thinner burnout fabric and has an attractive chakra design on the front which is another reason you would not want to cover up this tank.

sportown spaghetti strap tankThis is the Sportown Women’s Lightweight Racerback Spaghetti Strap which will work well as a bottom layer. It is close fitting and has a built in shelf bra. This one is hip length which I like since it doesn’t threaten to rise up and expose our soft underbelly. I am sure that exposed midriffs look great on many people, but in these low riding yoga pant days I need some reassurance that mine is going to stay under wraps.

soybu womens goddess tankThe Soybu Women’s Goddess Tank Top has a ruched front which makes it a tank you will want people to see. It is close fitting and comes with a shelf bra and an interesting keyhole back. The wide straps will make this one comfortable. Even though it is close fitting, the ruched front will help to conceal any of your personal ‘ruching’.

zumba fitness aztec tunic tankNow this Zumba Fitness Aztec Tank is tunic length. It fits close in the upper half but sweeps out loosely at the bottom. This would make an attractive outer top especially since it has an interesting design on the back.

jollychic watercolor tank topNow in case all the other tops have been boring to you, this Jollychic Women’s Watercolor Tank Top is anything but boring. It is digitally printed and comes in several designs. This is a one size fits all kind of tank, so be sure to read the details to see if it will work for you. The close fit will make it great as an under layer and in fact if you wanted you could wear a T shirt or hoodie over this and it could remain your secret. A very bright and strange little secret.

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