Great Yoga Gifts – 4 Pullover Hoodies

It is that time of year and if you are like me you might still be shopping for those last few gifts. If you are looking for a great idea for yoga gifts then you should consider pullover hoodies. These are not quite the same as sweatshirts although in many ways they resemble them and yes, sweatshirts are also pullover hoodies.

The type I like the best are those that can be worn comfortably indoors. These are a thinner fabric and long sleeved which makes them perfect as a part of your layered yoga wardrobe. Why layered? Well, that is easy to answer. When you first get to class from the cold outdoors you need something to keep you warm. As you start to go through the yoga warmup, you will want to take off a layer. After the class when doing the relaxation you will begin to cool down and you will want to put on something or you will be too cold to relax. These hoodies are perfect for this and as a bonus they are very attractive.

made by johnny womens hoodieThis one is a Made By Johnny women’s burnout hoodie. I have several burnout hoodies and the fabric is somewhat shear which allows it to breath yet be warm at the same time. These are a closer fit and if you are having to guess at a size then I would say to order a size larger because too close of a fit would interfere with layering. Lots of colors to choose from.

Columbia Women's Hoodie HeroThis Columbia Hoodie Hero pullover has a very attractive neck that forms a cowl when not used as a hoodie. It also comes in several colors. This may look a bit like a typical sweatshirt but the fabric is not as thick and bulky. I have a couple of hoodies like this one and the attractive neck gives them a little flair.

Mooncolour Women  PulloverNow this Mooncolour pullover is not a hoodie but I though it deserved consideration because it is very cute. They have the same flower design on several different colors. This one would also work if you were not sure of the size because it is made to be slightly large and slouchy.

Alternative UnisexLast but not least is one that works just as well for men as for women. This Alternative Rocky Full Zip hoodie comes in several colors and is unisex so it will work no matter who is on you list. Many people prefer the front zipper versus a pullover and this would especially be true if someone has any shoulder issues. Here again, a larger size will be fine so order up if you are not sure what size they wear.

With any luck these will fill the gap in any last minute gifts you are searching for, or maybe even fill a gap in your own wardrobe as you go searching on foot for that elusive item.

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